Life Insurance

The Town of Wellesley will continue to offer life insurance as one of the additional insurances for FY19. As with previous open enrollment periods, however, life insurance is only an option to continue for those employees who already have it.  Life insurance will continue to be offered to new employees during their first thirty (30) days of employment as well.  If you would like to continue your existing life insurance coverage in FY19, you will need to include it in your benefits selections.  

The cost for basic life insurance (offered during the first 30 days of hire only) in FY19 will be $15.42 per month for $10,000 worth of term life coverage.  Additional coverage is available to both new hires and those who currently have (and are planning to continue with) the basic life insurance plan.  Additional coverage amounts are allowed to one times your annual base pay with a maximum coverage amount of $75,000 .  Costs for additional life insurance vary by age and are in addition to the cost for the basic coverage.  For more information on this benefit, click here

Life Insurance Enrollment Form - New hires only

If you already have life insurance and are thinking about adding additional coverage to what you have, you have the ability to apply for additional life insurance at any time.  You will need to submit a proof of good health form that will be subject to approval by the Hartford underwriting team.