Current Wildlife and/or Pet concern

The cooler fall weather means wildlife being active day and night to find enough food to fatten up so they can survive the coming winter.  

I track calls of sightings which help me see patterns of normal or abnormal behaviors.  I try to capture any sick or injured wildlife before there is an interaction with people or pets.

This fall there have been several sick raccoons fence fighting with dogs in the middle of the day.  Luckily the dogs were current on rabies vaccines and received booster vaccines and are in 45 day quarantine.  One dog had direct contact with the raccoon which was tested by the state laboratory in Boston and was confirmed to have rabies.

Leave wildlife alone and report any that seem sick or in distress to animal control.   If you keep an eye on its movements from a safe distance we can evaluate it and remove any sick ones before they have a close encounter with pets or people.