Playing Fields Task Force

Members from Town Boards

Board Representing
Recreation Commission
Andy Wrobel (Chair)
Natural Resources Commission
Katie Griffith
Board of Public Works
Jeffrey P. Wechsler
School Committee
Michael D'Ortenzio Jr.
Board of Selectmen Beth Sullivan Woods

Members from User Boards

Wellesley Little League/ Girls Softball Rick Kinney
Wellesley United Soccer Ed Lasch
Wellesley Lacrosse Jerry Nigro
Adult Softball Jay Russell
Wellesley Youth Football Bob Leonhardt
Wellesley Youth Hockey Bill Darcey
Wellesley Scoops/Field Hockey Kelly Uller/Amy Munchak
Citizen At Large Represenative Tripp Sheehan


The purpose of the Playing Fields Task Force is to manage town athletic fields. This will include use, maintenance and improvements of fields. The PFTF will also recommend specific actions to the appropriate town boards for their consideration.The Playing Fields Task Force is an Advisory Committee of the following Boards:

  • Board of Selectmen
  • Recreation Commission
  • Board of Public Works
  • Natural Resources Commission
  • School Committee
Voting members include a representative from each of the following listed town and user boards. A Chairperson shall be elected each year, with a term to run July 1 through June 30. The Recreation Commission staff will hold the position of secretary.